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Avoid a pain in the neck from becoming a more serious problem

Address issues early and make the right adjustments to your daily routine.

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Neck pain

f you find yourself using a computer for long periods of time or you spend a lot of time looking at your mobile phone, you may start to feel a strain in your neck muscles.

I guess we can say it’s just one of the side effects of technology, but it’s quite a serious one.

As with most body pains, neck pain can occur when the neck muscles are tightened, overused or under strain. You may also experience a sore neck first thing in the morning, usually the result of sleeping in an awkward position.

If the issue is addressed early and the right adjustments are made to your daily routine, you can avoid a pain in the neck becoming a more serious problem.

Source of neck pain

Cervical facet joint syndrome

This can occur if you have experienced a minor trauma to the neck. It can be the result of a sporting incident or simply turning your neck in a sudden motion. You may feel an instant pain that can sometimes be accompanied by a pain in the arm.

Cervical disc bulge

This condition often results in a simultaneous pain in both the neck and the arm. You may also feel a slight tingling in the arm or the hand. Simple tasks such as grasping a cup may seem difficult as you tend to lose strength in the hand muscles.

Overuse of neck muscles

As mentioned, excessive use of computers, mobile phones and tablets can put a lot of daily strain on our neck muscles. It is important to be conscious of your posture and the positioning of your equipment if you are using technology on a daily basis. It is something that parents need to remind their children who are growing up in a world of mobile technology.