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Conveniently situated in Palmyra, Bicton Sports & Spinal is proud to offer comprehensive chiropractic support to the vibrant Melville community. Nestled at the heart of a bustling, active region, our clinic understands the importance of a healthy, well-adjusted body to your overall quality of life.

Expert Chiropractic Services Designed for You

At Bicton Sports & Spinal, we specialise in understanding the complex relationship between your movements and your musculoskeletal health. Our everyday activities, which can range from prolonged sitting and repetitive motions to vigorous exercise, can often cause or exacerbate a variety of discomforts and injuries. Our goal is not just to relieve pain but to restore proper movement and prevent future issues

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Our Services

Back and Neck Pain Management
Back and Neck Pain Management

Extremity Pain Relief
Extremity Pain Relief

Sciatica and Headache Treatments
Sciatica and Headache Treatments

Personalised Care Plans
Personalised Care Plans

We recognise that each individual’s health scenario is unique. That's why we dedicate substantial time to analysing and discussing your specific conditions before suggesting a treatment plan.

Why Choose Bicton Sports & Spinal?

Educational Approach
Led by Dr. Paul Douglass, our team believes in empowering our patients through education about musculoskeletal health. By understanding your body better, you are better equipped to make choices that enhance your well-being.
Advanced Techniques
Dr. Douglass combines classic chiropractic techniques like joint manipulation with contemporary methods such as soft tissue therapy, including massage and dry needling. This integrated approach helps achieve optimal results.
Rehabilitative Support
Recovery often requires more than just in-clinic treatments. We support your journey to full health by recommending and guiding rehabilitation exercises that you can perform at home to enhance and speed up your recovery.
Locally Focused, Community Driven
Located a stone’s throw from Melville, our clinic is deeply embedded in the local community. We understand the local lifestyle and the challenges it can present to maintaining musculoskeletal health. Whether you are dealing with the wear and tear of aging joints or the acute challenges brought on by an active lifestyle, our clinic is equipped to help.

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Embark on a path to improved health and enhanced mobility with Bicton Sports & Spinal. Contact Us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a pain-free life. Embrace the change that a little care, a lot of science, and a committed professional team can bring to your everyday well-being. Whether you’re looking to manage chronic pain or prevent future injuries, we are here to assist every step of the way.

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Meet Your Chiropractor in Palmyra

Dr Paul Douglass

Bsc, B.Chiro

Paul’s approach to treatment is to combine joint alignment/ manipulation with soft tissue therapy, such as massage or dry needling. As well as this he also likes to encourage people to help themselves through rehabilitation exercises.

His main goal in treatment is to get you back doing the things that you want to do.

How To Find Us

From Bicton it’s a 10 mins walk via Point Walter Rd or a 2 min drive via Briston Ave
From Fremantle take the bus from Adelaide St Before Parry St to Canning Hwy Before Point Walter Rd
From Booragoon it’s a 10 mins car drive via Riseley St and Canning Hwy/State Route 6